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Ruhani All Seasons Range: For the New Indian Woman
The Indian woman is no longer defined by rules laid down for her; she no longer dresses just to fit into tradition. Nor is she a rootless migrant to the West. The New Indian Woman is all at once aware of her identity and tradition, and yet independent enough to strike out and create her own style. Ruhani All Seasons emerged out of this complex yet sophisticated new persona of the Indian woman, and her fashion needs.

Created in 2010, Ruhani All Seasons imbues the Saree, the Salwar-Kameez and other Indian fabric with the stamp of the great Indian textile tradition; it also brings to traditional Indian couture a global sensibility. Great taste and the beauty of Indian fashion, we feel at Ruhani All Seasons, is not limited by age nor by occasion: the Ruhani All Seasons range spans all ages, all occasions, and all sensibilities, traditional yet modern.

Rooted in Great Tradition
The Ruhani All Seasons range is based on decades of textile excellence. The JMD Group, which brought Ruhani All Creations to the world in 2010, has been a technology and thought leader in the textiles industry since 1975. Under the “Ruhani Creations” banner, the group has been exporting high quality fabric to advanced markets such as the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, France, the United States and Canada.

The Group grew under the leadership of Mr. Ashok Arora, himself a textile industry legend with more than 45 years of experience in textile manufacturing and trading.

The Group’s core understanding of the textile industry comes from its bottoms-up evolution – the conglomerate started out in Surat, Gujarat, India’s textile city. It started out with manufacture of textile yarn, and gradually moved up the value chain into globally competitive dress material and fabric.

Finest Skills, Modern Technology
The Ruhani All Creations strength is rooted in this strong history, and the leadership’s astute investment in people and technology. The range is created by the finest of designers, a great production team and the most severe and demanding quality testers. The leadership also comes from investment in modern, latest technology married to the famous, glorious embroidery and handwork you find only in the great Surat textile tradition.

Customer Focus
Yet, the Ruhani All Seasons range makes sure that the great sense of style, tradition, textile skills and modern technology are ultimately tested by one thing: customer satisfaction.

Customers find the Ruhani All Seasons range to be of the best quality but at reasonable and affordable prices.

They find that it is easy to purchase Ruhani All Seasons garments, through a fantastic Web platform,

Ruhani All Seasons always focuses on-time delivery, quick resolution of queries and overall provides a buying experience that translates immediately into Customer Delight.

All in all, Ruhani All Seasons is a vibrant, young company backed by great core textile skills, a fantastic team, great technology, a unique blend of the traditional and modern in its style sense and unwavering focus on Customer Satisfaction.